Cultural Affairs and Community Relations Office


  1. To support the advocacy of MSU-TCTO on the mainstreaming a Culture-Based education its Philosophy, Framework, Practice and Pedagogy.
  2. Develop deep appreciation for Tawi-Tawi’s culture through observation, instruction and experience of local creative content and talents
  3. Promote and encourage preservation of Tawi-Tawi’s crafts and creative arts.
  4. To provide knowledge and develop attitudes, skills and values that are essential for the student’s personal development and productive life.
  5. It offers opportunities for the youths to participate in productive activities that boost for self-esteem and social awareness.
  6. Recognize and acknowledge the artistic skilled of the studentry in the campus
  7. Raise public awareness about the dignity, rich, diverse, dynamics and Tawi-Tawi’s colorful cultural heritage
  8. Foster cultural and artistic initiatives to seek good performances within the campus, and so with other local, national and international cultural organizations, counter parts and institutions.
  9. To contribute learning experiences that increase student’s awareness and responsive just social demand, love for the community and the country as a whole
  10. To strengthen and upgrade the training of the performing artists of the following Troupes/Group.
    1. Langan Jantung Chorale
    2. Tambuli Cultural Dance Troupe
    3. University Band
Paramisuli A. Tidal-Amin, MPES
Director, Cultural Affairs and Community Relations Office


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