Infrastructure Projects for 2018

2018 brings too much good news to MSU-TCTO constituents. Of those are the projects to be implemented as reflected in the 2018 General Appropriations Act.

Due to the continuous population growth of MSU-TCTO especially the secondary department, there is a need to add classroom buildings and equipment/facilities for their learning, research and training. MSU – Tawi-Tawi indeed paves its way to a well-rounded institution. The improvements and innovations come along its way. It is all the result of the efforts of MSU-TCTO administration, through the initiative of its chancellor, Dr. Mary Joyce Z. Guinto-Sali.

“It is important to sustain the development and innovation of the MSU-TCTO community and to strengthen further gains in research and improvements in the campus,” she said during her investiture last year.

MSU-TCTO projects to be implemented for 2018, with a total budget allocation of Php71,187,000.00, are:

Construction of Boy’s Dormitory Php20,000,000.00
Construction of Science Study Center (phase 3) Php10,000,000.00
Construction of three-storey, 30 classroom building (phase 3) Php20,000,000.00

Perimeter fencing of fisheries and marine science research and landing station

Construction of fish enclosure demo laboratory Php2,000,000.00
Quality control equipment Php2,000,000.00
Hatchery equipment Php2,187,000.00
Repair of Academic Building Php5,000,000.00
Purchase of various equipment outlay Php5,000,000.00


These projects will help not only students but the populace of the university campus.


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