Registrar’s Office


  1. To be the center of computerized information regarding students’ data both in the tertiary level and graduate program.
  2. To strive for high efficiency in the delivery of students’ services and implementation of the scholarship programs.


  1. To help in the implementation of the scholarship policies in coordination with the Admission and Scholarship Office, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Campus Scholarship Committee as well.
  2. To render and extend assistance to students who are having scholarship problems.
  3. To furnish other State Universities and Colleges (SUC) and other higher institutions of academic records of transferring students whenever they are needed and requested.
  4. To submit all the data and necessary requirements to the unifast governing board for the free tuition and miscellaneous fees.
  5. To conduct orientation and hold recognition every semester in coordination with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Office of the Chancellor,
  6. To transact with government offices or agencies regarding matters related to the functions of the office
  7. To respond to the request for statistical data emanating from government, other external agencies and within the university
  8. To provide staff support to facilitate the formulation and implementation of strategic and operational planning for the institution and its accreditation.
  9. The Campus Registrar is a secretary of the Camus Academic Council, member of the Scholarship Committee, the safety and security of the Campus Committee, Student Disciplinary, Board and Chairman on Honors and Award Committee.
Tina A. Mahajud
Campus Registrar


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