Supply and Property Management Office

Supply Management

  1. To maintain and issuances of supplies property and equipment
  2. To prepare weekly supplies requisition to ensure supplies don’t run short
  3. To prepare and assigned control numbers of RIS
  4. To prepare report of supplies inventory for submission to COA
  5. To update stock card of supplies
  6. To prepare inspection and acceptance report for signature of management inspection team and end user.

Property Management

  1. To conduct the physical inventory of property, plant and equipment of PPE center
  2. To prepare document of physical inventory of property plant and equipment for submission of Finance Div and COA
  3. To update property card and tagging
  4. To prepare acknowledgement and receipt of equipment
  5. To check affidavit covering lost property
  6. To maintain and update records of repair of government vehicle and equipment
  7. To prepare pre and post inspection report of waste material report covering repair of government vehicle and equipment
  8. To maintain and update record of repairs of government vehicle and equipment to prepare inventory and inspection report of unserviceable property for donation.
  9. To issue gate pass to monitor the movement of PPC property and equipment.
Nasser H. Salapuddin
Cheif, Supply and property management Office


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