MSU-TCTO Supreme Student Council (SSC) in partnership with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of Bongao conducted a Road to Safety Seminar last February 21 at the Marine Science Museum.  Resource speakers for the said seminar was the Chief of LTO Bongao District Office, Mr. Jose Maria M. Gonzales, who explained the duties and services of their office including the importance of Road Safety Advocacy and other pertinent laws such Land Transportation and Traffic Code of the Philippines (RA 4136), Clean Air Act of the Philippines (RA 8749), Seat Belt Law (RA 8750), Motorcycle Helmet Law (RA 10054), Children’s Safety on Motorcycle Act (RA 10066), Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act (RA 10586) and the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (RA 10913). The District Chief also reminded the participants to apply for their Driver’s License and obey with the Bongao Municipal Ordinance on the Regulation of Smoke Belching by having their vehicles undergo emission test...

    The Language Department of the College of Arts and Sciences hosted the University's 12th Reading Festival on February 22-24, 2020. A Parade of Lights, Float and Community Dance opened this year's reading fest. The theme "On Becoming a Lifelong Reader," focuses on the value of reading in our lives as a means of communication, learning and leisure. Dr. Mona Froida M. Language, Chairperson of the Language Department, quoted American author Stephen King in her opening message.  "Books are uniquely portable magic. Let us always carry with us this portable magic. Let this magic of reading give power to your learning, thus turning your life-long journey into one exciting adventure." The Interschool Speech Choir competition for elementary, secondary and tertiary levels, were held on the first day of the Festival. In the elementary level, there were nine (9) participating schools, namely; Batu-Batu Elementary School, Notre Dame of Bongao, Mahardika Institute of Technology, Panglima Arasia...
  • ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Simunul LGU and MSU Tawi-Tawi sign MOA, turns over micro-ice plant

    Simunul, Tawi-Tawi (February 19) ---- The MSU-TCTO and the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation led the turnover ceremony of the micro-ice plant facility to a fishing community in Simunul, Tawi-Tawi. The ice plant was a commitment of the late philanthropist and Environment Secretary Gina Lopez to the fisherfolk of Simunul as part of the Quest for Love project of MSU-TCTO and Lopez's iLove Foundation. The ice plant would directly benefit the 250 tuna fisherfolk in Brgy. Tonggusung and Brgy. Maruwa in Simunul. Fisherfolk catch yellowfin tuna at the Celebes sea which is more than 10 km away from Simunul. Normally, they have to travel first to Bongao to purchase ice before proceeding to the fishing area. This facility would save them travel costs and time going to and from Bongao. In addition, the fisherfolk in the said barangays can avail of the ice at a relatively cheaper price. Mr. Rodmark R. Barriga, proprietor of Palamigan Company who developed the micro-ice plant, personally...

    The Mindanao State University in Tawi-Tawi received a 3-year P57.1M grant from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Science for Change (S4C) - Niche Centers in the Region (NICER) Program to establish the Seaweed Research and Development Center (SeaRDeC). The Center is headed by Dr. Sitti Zayda B. Halun, the Director for Research and Professor at the Institute of Oceanography and Environmental Science and will be monitored by the DOST Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD).  SeaRDec has three component projects: P1: Optimization of laboratory and land-based nursery culture technologies of Kappaphycus spp. and Eucheuma denticulatum (Prof. Karen B. Serag, Project Leader); P2: Molecular characterization, selection, and production of Kappaphycus spp. and Eucheuma denticulatum cultivars in the BARMM (Dr. Richard V. Dumilag, Project Leader), and P3: Optimization of post-harvest handling of Kappaphycus spp. and Eucheuma...

    The Crème de la Crème Recognition ceremony was held last February 14 to honor students with exemplary performance during the previous semester. The Chancellor, in her message during the program, said that as a scholar and recipient of awards herself during her studies here and abroad, she empathizes with the struggle students have to go through and the joy as they receive recognition for their efforts. "As Chancellor of the MSU-TCTO, one of my most anticipated events of the year is the recognition of academic excellence of deserving students. It is as if I am experiencing a déjà vu, and I am so young again, expectant and eager to receive the award," she said. She is really proud that it is under her term that a number of awardees are increasing. "While there are unprecedented achievements in my administration, it is also under my watch that there is also an unprecedented number of "crème de la crème" awardees, with cash incentives to boot." Leading last semester's honorees was Ms....

    Engr. Rodrigo S. Baid, MSU System Assistant Vice President for Planning and Development and Atty. Shidik T. Abantas, System University Chief Legal Counsel and Director of the Legal Services Division visited MSU Tawi-Tawi for monitoring of ongoing infrastracture projects of the University last Tuesday, February 11. They visited the boys' and girls' dormitories, Students' Center and the University Auditorium, all of which are ongoing construction projects, and the recently-completed 3-storey academic building. After their inspection and assessment, they proceeded to the Office of the Chancellor and had a short talk with Chancellor Guinto-Sali.

    The Mindanao State University – Tawi-Tawi, through the Office of Continuing Education and Extension Services (OCEANeS), together with the Local Government Unit of Bongao, and Philippine Maritime Group 1st Maritime Special Operations Unit conducted a Training Workshop on Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management and Marine Protected Areas Establishment in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi on February 10-11, 2020. It gathered major stakeholders of the community from barangay officials, local government unit offices, line agencies and resort owners.  Highlights of the activity were the updates of the status of marine resources of Barangays Pahut and Mandulan, and the target location of the proposed site of the Marine Protected Areas. Sangguniang Barangay Chairpersons Adjaip Salapuddin and Dalhadi Mukahil pledged their commitment and support for the establishment of the Marine Protected Areas as it will benefit the community while Councilor Tita Samsuya committed to deliver and support the establishment...

    An exploratory and preliminary meeting was held between MSU Tawi-Tawi and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) for the possible partnership and collaboration of the two institutions.  The meeting, which was held at La Viña Hotel in Zamboanga City last February 10, tackled possible educational opportunities for MSU. The SIL is interested to collaborate for the project on the creation of a Sinama Dictionary, and other linguisitics-related studies involving the Sama peoples.  The SIL was represented by Mr. Jeremiah James and Ms. Lydia James. Mr. Altan Ishmael, Director for Sama Studies Center and Dr. Anabel Wellms, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences attended for MSU Tawi-Tawi. Mr. Louward Zubiri of UP-MSU Sama Origins and Transformations SALIKHA Team was also present in the said meeting.

    Two (2) faculty members and two (2) administrative staff of the university were present during the International Conference on Recent Advances in Applied Mathematics 2020 (ICRAAM2020) held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last February 4 to 6.  Prof. Rosalio Artres Jr. presented his paper entitled Edge Cover of Graphs resulting from some Unary Operations. Mr. Al-Jayson Abubakar, Ms. Phoebe Jean Domen and Ms. Amina Nasirin also presented their research papers during the different sessions in the conference.  Mr. Abubakar readily showed his research Rotational Coincidence in a Three-Dimensional Lattice. Ms. Domen's paper titled Measure preserving Inverse best Approximation in Euclidean Space earned some worthy praises from the participants, including Ms. Nasirin's Convex Accessibility Polynomial of Graphs. All three of them are currently enrolled graduate students taking up MST Math.  The ICRAAM2020 was organized by the Universiti Putra Malaysia through its Institute for Mathematical Research...

    In celebration of the 43rd Commissioning Anniversary of the Philippine Navy, the latter's unit stationed in Tawi-Tawi conducted a Civil Military Operation (CMO). The CMO includes a book donation drive and an "open ship" tour for the students. The Navy donated nine (9) boxes of assorted books for the use of Grades 9 and 12 students and were turned over to the MSU-TCTO Science High School library last February 6.  The 'open ship' was participated by selected students from the Institute of Oceanography and Environmental Science (IOES), College of Fisheries (COF) and College of Education (COEd) last February 7 at the Bongao Port, Fisheries Road in Bongao. The student visitors were allowed access and were toured inside one of the Navy's ships.  The 43rd Philippine Navy Commissioning Anniversary is celebrated every February 7. The CMO and the team was headed by Commanding Officer Ronaldo Pascua.


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