AdSU conducts a special review for CSE

Working in the government with a permanent or regular status means acquiring the many benefits and privileges that come with it; these include higher salary, bonuses, paid leave and many more. But getting such status requires more than just skills and scholastic credentials. One of the important requirements in order for an employee to have a regular or permanent status is obtaining a Civil Service Professional Eligibility. One way of acquiring this is through a paper and pencil examination. It is conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC).  However, obtaining eligibility through examination is not an easy task.

Civil   Service   Examination (CSE) is one of the toughest eligibility exams in the country today.   The   CSE   for professional and sub-professional Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) is an examination that tests the readiness and competitiveness    of    an    individual    towards    work    and profession    and    their    readiness    to    work    with    the government. One needs to obtain 80% to pass. Fortunately, in   MSU-TCTO, the   Administrative   Staff   Union (AdSU), headed    by    its    president, Dr.    Abdulpatta    Nuruddin, conducted   a   review   class   for   Civil   Service   Professional Examination. It is a big help for every temporary employee who wishes to be eligible.  The review class started on January 14 and ended on February 25, 2018. It was held every weekend from 8:30 am to   11:00 am at the Conference Room of Sabdani J. Bulante Hall in MSU-TCTO, Sanga-Sanga Campus.  This review was exclusive for TCTO employees only who would take the Civil Service Exam in March.

During the orientation and opening program of this review, Dr. Nuruddin proudly announced that the   Chancellor immediately approved the proposal.  The Chancellor has actually aimed that before her term ends, she wanted that 90-98% of MSU-TCTO employees would already be eligible.


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