The Bids and Awards Committee Restructured

In the Special Order 185 series of 2017, Chancellor Sali has created new Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) that will ensure transparency, accountability and economy in the procurement  of goods, supplies, materials, related services and infrastructure projects.

The BAC is headed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Benecito Maratas his members are Dr. Sitti Zayda Halun, Dr. Ladznar Laja, Prof. Rosalinda Shariff, Prof. Eduardo Alivio, Prof. Alcyn Bakkang and Mr. Caharl Ammang. The BAC Secretariat includes Dr. Anabel Wellms, Dr. Elvinia Alivio, Prof. Ibrahim Miguel, Ms. Jo-an Salaveria, Prof. Warda Hadjirul and Mr. Aljemedin Jaudines.

The Bids and Awards Committee shall advertise and/or post invitation to bid; conduct pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences; determine the eligibility of prospective bidders; receive bids; conduct the evaluation of bids; undertake post-qualification proceedings; recommend awards of contracts to the head of the procuring entity or his/her duly authorized representative; recommend the imposition of sanctions in accordance with article XXIII of R.A. 9184; and perform such other related functions as may be necessary, including the creation of a technical working group from a pool of technical financial and/or legal experts to assist in the procurement process.

The BAC members have a term of one year.


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