The College of Islamic and Arabic Studies launched a Hijab Awareness Campaign which started from February 3 until February 7. The event was comprised of several activities which inlcuded an essay-writing contest, symposium and a series of lectures. The programs were hosted by the ISGO officers and participated in by the constituents of CIAS and CHILDS.

The event wishes to promote the importance and beauty of wearing hijab, raise awareness against Islamic radicalism and extremism, fight bigotry, and educate the younger generation on peaceful co-existence and humility as a result of mutual respect and tolerance among diverse groups.

The Dean of the College, Prof. Almira A. Hadji, emphasized in her message the values aimed to be promoted by the event. 

“Hijab is a path of modesty. It serves as a great purpose in reminding ourselves that it is not simply a stylish accessory but a duty and a way of life. But we should also avoid passing judgement on women who have not yet embraced this spiritual obligation, and think we are, in any way, better than them. Instead, let us exemplify kindness, tolerance and acceptance."

Dean Hadji further added that the motto for the World Hijab Day 2020 is ‘Unity in Diversity’ which, according to her value-based learning, is a mechanism for the younger generation to cope up and be equipped with a holistic view through a well-balanced education which would greatly prepare them to the demands and needs of the 21st century - to coexist with high regard and respect for individual differences in order to achieve unity in diversity.


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