COEd conducts a review program for LET 2018

In preparation for this year’s Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), the College of Education (COEd) holds an intensive review program exclusive for COEd regular students and professional education unit earners only. The review starts in January and will end in May 2018 every weekend.

The years 2016 and 2017 marked a milestone in the College of Education’s existence. The breakthroughs in both elementary and secondary levels for first timers in the LET have shown that all efforts of the mentors and the support of the administration were worthwhile. MSU-TCTO recorded 51.02% passing percentage for secondary level first timers in September 2017, a significant increase compared to March 2017’s 18.18%. This is by far the highest rating for first timers in the secondary level which is also considered a new record for the College following the previous year’s highest record for the elementary level first timers. Although the passing percentage rate in the elementary level LET decreased from 46.15% in March 2017 to 28.57% in September 2017, the college’s performance for both levels was still above the national passing rate. This is a good indicator of progress in the LET. This shows that the intensive LET review is very effective in producing a significant increase in the overall LET performance. Hence, it is proposed to renew the Intensive LET Review Program in order to sustain and improve the current standing of the College in the LET. This is part of MSU- TCTO’s efforts to make COEd a recognized teacher education institution in the region and in the country.

The proposed Intensive LET Review Program also serves as a prelude to the institutionalization of the LET review in the COEd. In line with the National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS), Outcomes-Based Education (OBE), and as part of the curricular requirements to ensure that the COEd students acquire the LET competencies, and for that matter, the teaching competencies, students have to take the review before taking the LET and be licensed professional teachers. This specific measure is therefore expected to help provide quality education and thus, produce more quality graduates and passers who will be efficient and effective in their teaching performance.

The subjects or courses covered in the review are: English, Literature, Filipino, Plane Geometry, Elementary Algebra, Physical Science, Biological Science, Social Science, Society and Culture with Family Planning, Teaching Profession, Principles and Methods of Teaching, Social Dimension of Education, Educational Technology, Information Technology, Curriculum Development, Child and Adolescent Development, Facilitating Learning,   Guidance and Counselling,  Field  Study  1  to  6,  Assessment  of  Learning  and  Research,  Developmental  Reading  and  other  Early  Childhood Education subjects. The review has prelim assessment, final coaching and pre-board which will really help and evaluate the learning of the would be professional teachers.

 This review was made possible through the efforts of the faculty members of the College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences, namely: Dr. Elvinia Alivio, Dr. Wilham Hailaya, Dr. Albiya Dagbusan, Dr. Mona-Allea Matolo, Dr. Abduljamil Ishmael, Prof. Wayne Aripin, Prof. Charmine Puig, Prof. Fernigil Colicol, Prof. Manuel Pon, Prof. Clarita Taup, Prof. Alcyn Bakkang, Prof. Chamberlain Olmedo, Prof. Alshadat Sabal,  Prof. Catalina Pon,   Ms. Luz Bation, Mr. Nasri Juhuri, Ms. Shielamar Judan, Mr. Aljemedin Jaudinez, Prof. Fauzia Latif, Mr. Roben Abdella, and Ms. Monica Mae Pon.


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