MSU-TCTO creates the PMT for SPMS

Civil Service Commission’s   Memorandum Circular No.  6, Series     of     2012     mandates     the     establishment     and implementation      of      Agency      Strategic      Performance Management System (SPMS) in all constitutional bodies, departments, bureaus    and    agencies    of    the    national government; local government units; government-owned and/or    controlled    corporations (GOCCs) with    original charter; and   state   universities   and   colleges.   Thus, the Chancellor, Dr. Mary Joyce Z. Guinto-Sali has issued Special Order creating Performance Management Team (PMT) to work on MSU-TCTO’s SPMS.

 This is not the first time that SPMS was introduced to MSU- TCTO constituents.  Back then in February 2010 MSU-TCTO officials attended the two-day PMS-OPES seminar-workshop conducted   by   Civil   Service   Commission (CSC) Tawi-Tawi Provincial Field Office at Rachel’s Place in Lamion, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.   Then   in   December   2013   the   CSC   conducted again the SPMS conference for MSU-TCTO constituents.  In January   2014, the   Office    of   the   Chancellor   and   the Management    Information    System    Office    conducted    a seminar-workshop for all heads of offices of the College. The one-day activity focused on performance targets setting for Individual Performance Commitment and Rating Form (IPCR) and   Office   Performance   Commitment   and   Rating Form (OPCR) and   mechanics   of   evaluation, coaching, mentoring and appraisal of individual employee performance. Along these workshops, drafts of SPMS and supporting annexes went through a cycle of edition. And in 2016, the SPMS of MSU-TCTO was on the initial stage for application.

The creation of the team to take charge of the College’s SPMS went along with MSU-TCTO’s commitment to promote a working environment that is conducive to harmonious relationships between employees and their heads of office/college, enhance employees’ welfare and productivity, and contribute to effective and efficient public service.

With MSU-TCTO administration’s strong desire to establish and implement the SPMS, all academic and administrative offices of the College shall be tasked to prepare and administer it annually to link the organization performance of every personnel with the Philippine Development Plan, the Agency Strategic Plan, and the Organizational Performance Indicator Framework; ensure organizational effectiveness and improvement of individual employee efficiency by cascading institutional accountabilities to the various levels of the organization anchored on the establishment of rational and factual basis for performance targets and measures; and link performance management with other HR systems within the university and ensure adherence to the principle of performance-based tenure and incentive system.

Chancellor Sali is primarily responsible and accountable for the establishment and implementation of the SPMS; moreover, she sets the College performance goals and objectives and performance measures. On the other hand, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Benecito Maratas, serves as the chairperson for academic affairs; and the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Mr. Sawadjaan Jaji, serves as the chairperson for administration and finance of PMT. The PMT sets consultation meetings of all heads of offices to discuss the targets set in the office performance commitment and rating form, and ensures that office performance targets and measures, as well as the budget, are aligned with those of the agency and that work distribution of offices is rationalized.

The SPMS shall follow the four-stage cycle that underscores the importance of performance management: performance planning and commitment; performance monitoring and coaching; performance review and evaluation; and performance rewards and development planning.


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