MSU-TCTO establishes ICTO

To have a data center for better and smooth transactions, MSU-TCTO established the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO). The Office was officially launched on October 19, 2017

ICTO was created to provide the primary management and support of MSU-TCTO Data Center. It manages the data network infrastructures, central service provisions such as website, email, video conferencing system, total security systems, internet, bandwidth optimization and business automations. It is in line with the government’s thrust on ICT and the use of government’s advanced technology. It shall also adhere to the open data initiative of the government and anticipate the other systems to be developed under the Information Systems Strategic Planning (ISSP) and Medium- Term ICT Harmonization Initiative (MITHI). This can be compatible and migratable to Integrated Government Philippines Project (iGovPhil) to provide a blueprint on how to create digitally empowered, innovative, integrated and honest governance.

This was proposed by Prof. Eduardo Alivio, the former dean of the Institute of Information and Communications Technology, now the Director of the said office.

This capability building through ICT Systems and Solutions costs ten million pesos covering hardware, software, manpower training and four-division server room. Moreover, this includes internet payment for one year, internetworking, telepresence, surveillance, telephony, website and data capture and maintenance; and video conferencing in the University.

Since its implementation, the ICTO has provided ICT infrastructures and services enhancement and expansion to make possible technology-enhanced education and innovation; developed customized information system, digitized and automated academic operations and created seamless and secured educational environment through the installation of the closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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