Oplan Moleh sends home 2nd batch of students to Mapun

More than 200 students and their families from MSU Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography, Mahardika Institute of Technology, Notre Dame of Bongao, Pagasinan High School, Tawi-Tawi School of Arts and Trades and Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College were sent home today to Mapun Municipality through the combined efforts of Oplan Moleh, local government units, civic organizations and volunteers. Oplan Moleh is a program initiated by the MSU TCTO Task Force COVID-19 which seeks to assist stranded students of MSU Tawi-Tawi in Bongao back to their hometowns within the island municipalities of the province. 

With the combined efforts of the university's Task Force COVID-19, and various individuals and agencies, two (2) local lantsas were chartered to ferry the students back to Mapun. Coordinating for the greater Mapun student population in Bongao was Prof. Glenda Baiddin Orozco-Abdul, who initiated the listing of the students with the assistance of the Jama Mapun Youth College Association (JAMAYCA) and the processing of clearances with the Philippine Coast Guard and the Integrated Provincial Health Office. 

Prof. Orozco-Abdul, who hails from Mapun herself, also sought the assistance of Atty. Maisara D. Latiph, Member of the Bangsamoro Parliament. Atty. Latiph responded to the request by providing funds for the charter of the local vessels bound for Mapun. Together with Atty. Latiph were Mayor Suraida Muksin and SB Member Rambie T. Sadjiril, who also supported by providing the necessary funds and coordinating with other concerned LGU officials and agencies. Mayor Muksin has personally met with Provincial Health Officer Dr. Laja and Bongao Mayor Jimuel Que for the said initiative.

In today's send-off, Tawi-Tawi Governor Yshmael 'Mang' Sali was also present to wish the students goodbye and reminded them to be positive, cooperative and resilient during this crisis. 

Daing ha lawm sin pangatayan ko bilang maas niyo, panguyu'un ko kaniyu pagsarang sukul kamu iban siyuma niyu in siki lima sin maas niyo pagdatung niyo, Governor Mang said during his short speech. 

(From the bottom of my heart [as the Father of the Province of Tawi-Tawi], I am asking you to be grateful to your parents by expressing your love and respect through hugs and kisses as you see them back at home.)

The Tawi-Tawi Task Force COVID-19 and its Focal Person, Mr. Mobin Gampal, Vice Governor Tati Ahaja and Provincial Executive Secretary Atty. Dayang Dayang Khadija Baguinda were also instrumental in granting clearances for Oplan Moleh and for supporting MSU-TCTO's programs during this pandemic. The Provincial Task Force also provided food packs and hygiene kits to the students bound for Mapun.

Chancellor Mary Joyce Z. Guinto-Sali was also present during the send-off. She, along with the members of the MSU TCTO Task Force COVID-19, distributed food packs for the students and the ships' crew. Aside from the food packs, bags containing basic goods were also given to the students for them to bring home to their families. The Chancellor delivered also a short message thanking everyone for their full-hearted support for the Oplan Moleh. 

In a separate short interview, the Chancellor said she was elated with the strong partnerships borne out from this initiative - from the different LGUs, government offices and active civic volunteers - and wished that the same spirit be present for the next Oplan Moleh batches, and the fervor to support and work together as a community be continued all-throughout this health crisis. She also extends her gratitude for the many individuals, donors and groups who have been very supportive of the university's Task Force's programs.



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