The Crème de la Crème Recognition ceremony was held last February 14 to honor students with exemplary performance during the previous semester.

The Chancellor, in her message during the program, said that as a scholar and recipient of awards herself during her studies here and abroad, she empathizes with the struggle students have to go through and the joy as they receive recognition for their efforts.

"As Chancellor of the MSU-TCTO, one of my most anticipated events of the year is the recognition of academic excellence of deserving students. It is as if I am experiencing a déjà vu, and I am so young again, expectant and eager to receive the award," she said.

She is really proud that it is under her term that a number of awardees are increasing.

"While there are unprecedented achievements in my administration, it is also under my watch that there is also an unprecedented number of "crème de la crème" awardees, with cash incentives to boot."

Leading last semester's honorees was Ms. Nahdiyya H. Nuruddin of the College of Education with a GPA of 1.12. She is a consistent president's lister for three (3) consecutive semesters.

"To be in the list of the students with excellent performance, we need to go through difficulties and hard works. If we want to excel, we need to work hard, for indeed, our efforts will not go unnoticed. Sabi po nila, work hard in silence, let the success make the noise," Ms. Nuruddin said in her message.

"We are greatly honored today for the remarkable efforts and the impressive jobs we've done," she added.

There are a total of 9 President's Listers, 70 Chancellor's Listers, and 213 Dean's Listers for last semester. The President and Chancellor's Listers received a certificate, a medal and cash incentives of P1,500 and P1,000, respectively. The Dean's Listers also received a certificate of recognition.


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